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We welcome you to BERS Online!

The Board of Education Retirement System of the City of New York is pleased to present you with this educational and informational resource. The site is designed to provide prospective, active and retired members with essential information about their retirement system.

We encourage you to explore the site and take advantage of the valuable data available regarding your retirement plan and available benefits. Please take the opportunity to learn more about the retirement system and how we can assist you in planning a successful retirement.

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  About Us         

The New York City Board of Education Retirement System (BERS) was founded on August 1, 1921 to provide retirement benefits for civil service employees permanently employed by the City and School District of New York other than those who may retire under the provisions of other retirement laws. BERS has since expanded to include other employees, such as provisional and part-time employees of the Department of Education (DOE) and other covered employers

BERS is one of the largest multi-employer, multi-tiered retirement systems in the United States. Our members are employed in such agencies as the Department of Education, the School Construction Authority, the Police Department and the Transit Authority. BERS currently provides retirement benefits to members in five (5) tiers. The Retirement System benefits exist to provide financial security for our members and their beneficiaries both during and after employment ends.

Beyond retirement benefits, BERS also offers a tax-deferred annuity program established under the guideline of section 403(b) of the Internal Revenue Code. This program gives members the opportunity to invest additional savings on a pre-tax basis.

  Mission Statement         

The New York City Board of Education Retirement System is committed to safeguarding the system's assets and providing to the membership equitable, efficient and effective preparation of service and disability retirements as well as survivor benefits to members' beneficiaries. BERS will enforce non-discriminatory policies as well as provide an environment conducive to productivity for its employees. We will provide, to the Retirement Board of Trustees, the necessary information to ensure quality decision-making.


To fulfill our Mission the management and staff of BERS will pursue the following objectives:
  • The efficient collection and application of contributions
  • The prudent investment of retirement funds
  • A well-defined system of internal accounting control
  • The responsible disbursement of member benefits
  • Excellent member services
  • A well-equipped and organized work environment
  • The provision of accurate and timely information to the Retirement Board of Trustees
  The Board of Trustees        

The Head of the Retirement System is the Board of Trustees. The Board, subject to the limitations of the BERS Rules and Regulations and of law, establishes the policies for the administration and transaction of the business of the system and for the control of funds. The Board of Trustees consists of thirteen (13) Panel for Educational Policy members, the Chancellor and two (2) employee-members elected by the membership. The term of each employee-member is four years beginning the first of January following a regular election. Each employee-member has an alternate, who will serve the duration of the term of office of the elected employee-member in the event of the death, disability, disqualification or withdrawal of the employee-member. The current board members are:
  • Peter J. Calandrella
  • Isaac Carmignani
  • Geneal Chacon
  • T. Elzora Cleveland
  • Deborah Dillingham
  • Carmen Fariña
  • Michael Kraft
  • Vanessa Leung
  • Gary Linnen
  • John Maderich
  • Donald Nesbit
  • Raymond Orlando
  • Lori Podvesker
  • Benjamin Shuldiner
  • Stephanie Soto
  • Miguelina Zorrilla-Aristy
  Human Resources/Office of Equal Opportunity